MAURICE BLOK, the Netherlands

Born in 1979, lives and works in Lahti, Finland.

Maurice Blok work is certainly one of the most interesting emergent artists on the Scandinavian scene. Ha sculptor) on an object it was only natural for him to bring this tis work is very physical and yet poetic. Having used tools (as o his action art work too. Although he works as a perforamnce artist, he consider himself a sculptor. Constructing and deconstructing whilst having some kind of interaction with the audience (or not). Naturally, his performance art is ordered in a chronological manner, yet the viewer is not aware of this while encountering it. The actions he do do are often untitled. Since a name can draw the attention away from what the piece is (or maybe could be) – just itself.

"Whilst concentrating on sculpting, during my studies, I realized that what occurred before the work was even presented was of as much importance to me as the final piece itself. Subsequently, I started carrying out short experiments in front of a video camera; something that soon became close to what is called performance art. Soon after my work evolved into actual performances, involving setting up and carrying out "actions" that bear aesthetic results in front of physical audiences."

Maurice Blok, the Netherlands. Guangzhou Live 4. 2013.