Abdallah SHMELAWI, Austria/Iraq

Abdallah Shmelawi

Born in 1982 in Baghdad, Iraq. Lives and works in Vienna since 2006.

Graduated from the Art Academy in Baghdad, Iraq, focusing on theater, performance, acting and directing.

Individual projects
2006 Crazy day at the Art Academy Baghdad
2005 Emergency, at the Art Academy Baghdad
2004 Al Barbach, at the Theatre Academy Baghdad
2004 The cake, the Al Rasched Theater Baghdad
2003 The train, at the Theatre Academy Baghdad

Projects in which he participated as an actor
2004 Al Barbach, Theater academy Baghdad
2003 The train, Theaterajademie Baghdad
2002 Macbeth, Al muntda Theater Baghdad
2000 Don Quixote, Art Academy Baghdad
Prizes and competitions
2006 Best Director, Second Cultural Festival, Baghdad
2004 Best Director, Hamid Chutter Festival, Baghdad
2004 Best Actor, Haki Al Shibly Festival, Baghdad

Films as Actor
2011. 1000 nights and 1 dream, directed by Ali Al-Fatlawi, Zurich, Switzerland
2014. ciao cherie, director. Nina Kusturica, Vienna, Austria.
Films as an assistant director
 2010 Part II, Baghdad, Iraq, directed by Yaser alsuhaili

International Performance Projects
          3 France Performance
                   2-Berlin performance
                         1- Winterthur, Schweiz
2013 Exdoxs Performance Festivalia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 A Message of Peace from Sweden, Malmo, Sweden
2012 Atelier stay in Geneva, Switzerland
2011 Boot hoping Amsterdam, Holland
2011 Black triangle, Malmo Sweden
2010 Rosengard are tent, Malmo, Sweden
2010 Broken in the ice, Malmo, Sweden
2009 Salam alaykoum cultural area suburbs, Vienna, Austria
2009 Impressions of Baghdad Gallery Accra Art, Moedling, Austria
2009 Two positions Atelier Mesopotamia, Vienna, Austria
2008 The letter, dance, Vienna, Austria
2008 Fragile wings, studio Mesopotamia, Vienna, Austria
2007 Baghdad in Love, Wuk Project Space, Vienna, Austria