Dai Guang Yu, China

1955    Born in Chengdu, China, Lives and works in Beijing


Select Solo Exhibitions

2015   “Endowed with Speech from Birth”, Yafeng Art Gallery, Chengdu
“Dreamlike Memories of Wang River”, 798, Beijing

2014“Diluted  Shadows”, IfaGallery, Brussels, Belgium

     “Black Paper”, Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2012  “Wei Ji -- Still Crossing”, Dai Guangyu Solo Show, Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2010  “Dai Guangyu – Recent Works”, Galerie Adler, Paris, France

“Memory Loss”, “Flexible Type Printing”, Ifa Gallery at Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2008“Ink Games”, Ifa Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007    “'Mend the Fold if a Sheep is Lost' - A Sheep’s Lecture on Chinese Contemporary Art”, South Gate Gallery, 798 Factory Beijing

“When the Waters Recede, the Rocks Appear”, Red Star Gallery, 798, Beijingï¼?China

2002    “Food and Words”ï¼?Performanceï¼?Chengduï¼?China

2000    “Shooting at Myself”ï¼?Installation and Performanceï¼?Duisburg University Germany

1997    “How a Frog in a Well Sees the Sky”ï¼?Open Exhibitï¼?152B Studio, Chengduï¼?China

1996    “Resurrection in Chengdu '96”ï¼?Installationï¼?Sichuan Universityï¼?China

1995    “Scenery Inside and Outside a Red Room”ï¼?Installationï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1994    “Chinese Landscape”ï¼?Installationï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1993    “Dai GuangYu-Exhibition of Paintings”ï¼?Lallouz-Waterson Gallery, Montrealï¼?Canada


Select Group Exhibitions

2015 “Enough of Art, Fuck Art”ï¼?Espace Cinko, Paris, France

     “Ming gathering / Force 12 Hurricane ”, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China


2014 “Secret Signs”, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, Germany

“Open” Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan

“ Ink and the Body”,Ink Studio,Beijing, China

 “ Nanjing International Art Festival”, Nanjing, China

“OSTRALE'014”, Dresden, Germany


2013 “Forms of the Formless:Exhibition of lnternational Contemporary Art”TEDA Museum of Contemporary Art,Tianjin

         “Forms of the Formless-Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art”Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan

“Voice of the Unseen”55th Venice Biennale, Italy

“Insightful Charisma”,Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China

“Sensor Ship 0.46ï¼? Dai Guangyuã?Gao Brothersã?Zhang Dali“, ifa Gallery, Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong


2012      “My Country”, ifa Gallery, Shanghai

            “The Way of Writing”, Zendai Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai,

            “Undoing Shuimo”, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai,

             Fourth Guangzhou Triennial, ”Disenchantment of Chinese Imagination” Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China


2011     "right eye - left leg", ifa Gallery, Shanghai

            “the hell . the heaven . on the way . in between” ifa Galleryï¼?Shanghai


2009    “Ink Storm”, Transformer Gallery, Washington DC, USA

“In the 1980s-Wen Pulin Archive of Chinese Avant-Garde Art Exhibition”ï¼?Dolun Museum of Modern Artï¼?Shanghai

OPEN Realization Contemporary Art Center 798 Art Zone, Beijing.

“13 No KAOs”ï¼?Duffy Galleryï¼?Kunmingï¼?China

“Ink-Not-Ink,China”ï¼?Drexel Universityï¼?Phoenixï¼?USA


2008    “Action-Cameraï¼?Beijing Performance Photography”Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery,Vancouver, Canada

“Oriental Imagination-Third Asian International Art Exhibition”ï¼?Wall Art Museumï¼?Beijing and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Artsï¼?Guangzhou

“Interval of Silence-Contemporary Art from China”ï¼?Red Star Galleryï¼?798Factoryï¼?Beijing


2007    “China Under Construction”ï¼?Deborah Colton Galleryï¼?Houstonï¼?USA

            “Made in China“ï¼?Louisiana Museum Modern Artï¼?Humlebaekï¼?Denmark

            “Starting from the Southwest-Exhibition of Contemporary Artin Southwest China”ï¼?Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhouï¼?China

2006    “Vital-International Chinese Live Art Festival”ï¼?Chinese Arts Centre, Manchesterï¼?UK.

            “Red Starï¼?Red Starï¼?Red Star”ï¼?Red Star Galleryï¼?798 Factoryï¼?Beijingï¼?China

2005    “Artists in Action-Performance Art Project”ï¼?HongKong

            “Inward Gazes-Performance Art in China-Exhibition by Invitation”ï¼?Macau Art Museumï¼?Macau

            “In Honour of '85”ï¼?Duolun Modern Art Museumï¼?Shanghaiï¼?China.

            “The Wallï¼?Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art”ï¼?China Millennium Monument Art Museumï¼?Beijing, China

            “Transborder Languageï¼?Performance Art / Language Art”ï¼?Tokyo Art Projects, 798 Factory, Beijing, China

2004    “Double Happiness Festival”ï¼?Tokyo Art Projectsï¼?798 Factoryï¼?Beijing, China

            “Matchmaking”ï¼?Eastlink Galleryï¼?Shanghaiï¼?China

            “Transborder Language 2004-Volume Control-First Dashanzi International Art Festival”ï¼?798 Factoryï¼?Beijingï¼?China

2003    “NIPAFï¼?Asia Central Europeï¼?Performance Art Meeting 2003”ï¼?Slovakiaï¼?Hungaryï¼?Poland

            “Chinese Ink in Contemporary Art”ï¼?National Galleryï¼?Kualalumpurï¼?Malaysia

            “Live International Performance Art”ï¼?798 Factoryï¼?Beijingï¼?China

            “China-Japan Performance Art Exchange Project/2003”ï¼?Chengduï¼?Xianï¼?Chongqingï¼?China

2002    “Fruitfulness-Contemporary Art Exhibition”ï¼?Beijing Agriculture Hallï¼?Beijingï¼?China

            “First Chinese Art Triennial”ï¼?Guangzhou Art Museumï¼?Guangzhouï¼?China

            “7th Platform of Asian Performance Art (PAPA)”-Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF)ï¼?Tokyoï¼?Osakaï¼?Kyoto, Nagoyaï¼?Naganoï¼?Japan

2001    “Physical Resources and Objects”ï¼?Hong Kong Art Communeï¼?Hong Kong

            “Dialogo”Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibitionï¼?Mantova Museumï¼?Mantovaï¼?Italy

            “Dialogo-Other” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibitionï¼?Chiesa Santa Teresadei Maschiï¼?Bariï¼?Italy

            “Chinese Festival-Touring Art Exhibition”ï¼?Faust Museumï¼?Hannoverï¼?Germany

            “Virtual Future”ï¼?Guangdong Art Galleryï¼?Guangzhouï¼?China

            “Chinese Glamours-Conceptual Images”ï¼?Bankokï¼?Thailan.

            “Open Festival of International Performance Art”ï¼?Chengduï¼?Pengshanï¼?Leshanï¼?China

            “Holding White”ï¼?Chengdu Imperial Academyï¼?Chengduï¼?China

            “First Chengdu Biennale”ï¼?Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Chengduï¼?China

2000    “Heaven Stonehenge”Hannoverï¼?Duisburgï¼?Düsseldorfï¼?Germany

            “Homeï¼?Contemporary Art Project Exhibition”ï¼?YueXing Furniture Warehouseï¼?Shanghaiï¼?China

            “Chinese Glamours-Conceptual Images”ï¼?East Link Galleryï¼?Shanghaiï¼?China

            “Turn of the Century-1979-1999-Chinese Contemporary Art”ï¼?Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu, China

            “Cultural Landscape”Landscape Art Exhibitionï¼?Langdaoï¼?Guilinï¼?China

            “People and Animals”Performance Art Exhibitionï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1999    “Chinese Artists in the World-Installation and Documentary”ï¼?Hong Kong Art Commune, Hong Kong

            “Unusual Ways of Writing”ï¼?Art Museum of the Nanjing Normal Universityï¼? Nanjingï¼?China

1998    “Preserving Memory”ï¼?Sichuan Libraryï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1997    “In the Wild”ï¼?Simultaneous Performance Projectï¼?Beijingï¼?Shanghaiï¼?


1996    “China!”ï¼?Museum of Modern Artï¼?Bonnï¼?Germany

            “Water Protectors-Outdoor Art Performances”ï¼?Lhasaï¼?China

1995    “Water Protectors-Outdoor Art Performances”ï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1993    “Inside-Outsideï¼?New Chinese Art”ï¼?Torontoï¼?Ottawaï¼?Canada

            “Dream of China”ï¼?Exhibition of Paintingsï¼?City Hall, Hong Kong

1992    “First Biennale of Chinese Art in the 90's”ï¼?Central Hotelï¼?Guangzhouï¼?China

1991    “Dai GuangYuï¼?Wang FaLinï¼?Li JiXiang Joint Exhibition of Paintings”ï¼?Chengdu Art Salonï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1990    “000'90 Exhibition of Modern Art”ï¼?Chengdu Art Salonï¼?Chengduï¼?China

1989    “China Avant-Garde Art Exhibition”ï¼?Chinese National Art Galleryï¼?Beijingï¼?China

1987    “Itinerary Exhibition of Modern Chinese Art”ï¼?Bonnï¼?Bremenï¼?Frankfurtï¼?Germany

1986    “Red-Yellow-Blueï¼?Young Artists of Sichuan”ï¼?Sichuan Art Galleryï¼?Chengduï¼?China


1994      Touring visit to the United States (Washingtonï¼?New Yorkï¼?Chicagoï¼?San Franciscoï¼?Seattleï¼?Phoenix) as part of the United States Information Agency's “International Visitor Program”

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